Starting Fresh

The first time I stepped into Michael's studio, I didn't know what to expect. I was scared to death, but eager to know more about Michael and his methods of teaching.

Hi, my name is Christina Martin, and I have been dancing with Michael for a little over a year. The first intensive I ever took with Michael was the 2-week intensive in August 2015. Walking into his studio that day was like the first day of school, there were some people you knew, and some you didn't. I didn't know that in the future, they would be just like brothers and sisters to me.

When I transferred over to Michael, there were many things he knew he could help me improve, such as my feet, flexibility, turnout, and form. Michael introduced to me many (and painful!) stretches that would help me with my feet and turnout, and also my flexibility. Knowing that I needed the improvement, I thought to myself, "there is no way I can improve!"

Michael showed me just how wrong I was. He worked with me on everything I needed, and praised me when I accomplished something. It wasn't just Michael who helped me improve, it was also my amazing friends, who believe in encouraging each other each and everyday. I feel comfortable around them, which makes it even easier for me to improve, and not feel judged.

Today, everything that I've worked on for the past year has been worth it. My improvement has shown dramatically. I'm still working on making it better, and doing daily foot stretches.

It is amazing how the personality of your teacher can effect your training. Michael's patience and kindness let me know that everything was going to be OK, and that I am capable of anything.

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