Discovering A Passion

My name is Sierra Griffith. I am an 11 year old, and I attend The Patterson School of Ballet. I started dancing when I was 3 years old, and transferred to The Patterson School of Ballet when I was 10 years old. Before I transferred, I was thinking of quitting ballet, and pursuing gymnastics instead, because dance was getting boring for me then. Now, I think back to then and think, "How could I have ever though that?" I had always loved ballet, but I discovered my real passion for it when I started dancing with Michael.

The class sizes are small and allow Michael to get individual attention to perfect my form, and make sure that I am doing everything correct, and/or giving us another correction to think about our dancing.

There's a great group of students in my level, and I have developed many close friendships. Michael encourages positive friendships, and we all stay very close.

We usually begin class by stretching our splits, straddle, frog, and feet. Sometimes we have a full stretch class so we can do more than what we usually do. I love this because it allows us to warm our muscles and feet to prevent injury during class, like pulling a hamstring.

I love dancing at The Patterson School of Ballet, because it can help me prepare to pursue my dream of becoming a professional Ballet Dancer someday.

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