Making Strides by Strengthening


Hi I’m Mackenzie and I have natural flexible feet. Having flexible feet come with a toll, lots of strengthening and money.

When you are born with flexible feet, like I was, your feet are considered weak because they are so bendy. So Michael helped me do some exercises with Thera Bands. Thera bands are rubber bands that are not joint together at the ends and they help strengthen mussels. I use Thera bands every night before I go to bed and my feet have gotten stronger. There are also other exercises that you can do during class, using the floor. Using the floor can help strengthen your foot for when you are on pointe.

When having flexible feet you go through pointe shoes really fast. I currently own Freeds with one of the hardest shanks. My first pair was Capezio and they didn’t last one day. But Capezios usually have a weaker shank. My second pair lasted me one week but these were Freeds with a weaker shank. My third was also a Freed and those had a medium strength shank which lasted me one month. My fourth pair lasted me five months and they had a harder shank and harder box. The box is at the front of the shoe and supports your foot with the shank. My current pair lasted me four months, so I went down a strength in a shank. One way to keep a pair of shoes longer is to get two shoes, I have one pair for class and another for partnering class. Another way is Jet Glue, Jet Glue is a fast drying “super” glue that dries in no more than five minutes and makes your shoes harder like there brand new.

When having flexible feet it can be very hard to strengthen them but when you do strengthen them they can be very beautiful.

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