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Here I am standing in a ballet class with 9 other girls, that want to be there, that want to work, and want to learn. I never imagined myself taking ballet 5 days a week, and I am sure many other people never imagined it either, but unexpected things can happen sometimes. I'm Rebekka, I was a competition girl, I still am in someways, I go to conventions now and then on the weekends. It was hard transferring from all the styles of dance I loved to straight ballet every week of every month, but somehow I told myself that this was an important decision in my dance career. The past year has been extremely hard for me I had way over developed muscles and I was not stretched enough, but I am starting to make progress in my dancing. I don't regret any of the decisions that I have made, but I am lucky that I started class with Michael because now I am on a roller coaster that is just going up.

~Rebekka, Age 14

Patterson School of Ballet

2415 West 26 Street

Erie, PA 16506

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