Ballet Is . . .

When I think of dance, ballet in particular, I think of what it has done for me over the years. Along with creating lasting friendships and teaching me many things, it has given me strength and flexibility, both physically and emotionally. I consider dance not only an art but a sport, because of what it really takes to be a ballerina. Ballet is something special - so if you are looking for a sport to “play”, girls AND guys, come try ballet.

Ballet is: “inspiring”, “expressive”, “challenging”, “fun”, “freeing” - these are some of the words my friends would use to describe dance. I agree wholeheartedly with each one. I especially like the word freeing – as ballet gives me the opportunity to be myself and to express myself through my movements. Thus, ballet is unique in the best way.

Dance has taught me to never give up, no matter how high you have to lift your leg in rond de jambe en l’air. It has made me focused and determined. In conclusion, it keeps me balanced en pointe and in life.

-Gabrielle Brown

Age 12, Level C5

Patterson School of Ballet

2415 W. 26 Street

Erie, PA 16506

(215) 806-1229

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