Policy & Procedures:  Families and Students


Before you arrive please:

●      Sign/submit the updated liability form. 

●      Please arrive dressed and ready for class. 

●      If you bring a plastic water bottle, please label it with your first name and last initial.

●      Have only the items you need for class. 

●      Large dance bags will not be permitted.

●      Use the facilities. Restrooms will be available for emergencies only so we can control the cleanliness of the environment.


Drop off: 

●      Drop off will begin 30 minutes prior to the start of class.

●      Students will enter the building/studio one person at a time, with their facemask on. 

●      Hand sanitizer will be available for students as soon as they enter the building as well as the studios.

●      Touchless temperatures will be taken/recorded at drop-off. Students with a temperature over 100°F will be sent home. 

●      Student will proceed directly to their scheduled studio with their items needed for classes.

●      Late students will not be admitted. We understand that things happen that are not always within your control, however

        it is important that we provide the safest environment possible for our students.


Pick up: 

●      Pick up will begin promptly at the end of class. 

●      Students will exit the building one at a time.

●      Students will sanitize their hands as they exit the building.

●      Students will not be permitted to leave class early but may leave between classes if necessary.



●      Only registered students will be permitted in the studio. 

●      Masks are required for attendance and must be a minimum of two layers. Students should wear one mask/class.

        Masks should be washed each day. A Respiratory Therapist here in Erie has been consulted as well as a

        pediatrician from the Texas Children’s Hospital. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call. We will be

        following the advice of professionals as well as CDC Guidelines.

●      The studios have been divided using a grid system of 6’x6’ blocks, which will enable students to be 12 feet apart front to back

        and side to side as well as provide a walking path along the back and one side of the studio for easy access to the restroom. 

●      Each student will have their own barre.

●      Surfaces will be disinfected between classes.

●      Restrooms will be disinfected after each use.

●      No persons will be allowed in the common areas of the building.

●      No lost and found will be kept on the premises.  All items left at the end of the day will be discarded.

●      Attendance will be taken not only for our records but for quick and easy contact tracing should it become necessary.

  • 3 Medical Grade Air Purifiers have been added to the studio, each purifier circulates/purifies 860 square feet per 30 minutes in our  2000 share foot space.