A Different Focus

Here I am standing in a ballet class with 9 other girls, that want to be there, that want to work, and want to learn. I never imagined myself taking ballet 5 days a week, and I am sure many other people never imagined it either, but unexpected things can happen sometimes. I'm Rebekka, I was a competition girl, I still am in someways, I go to conventions now and then on the weekends. It was hard transferring from all the styles of dance I loved to straight ballet every week of every month, but somehow I told myself that this was an important decision in my dance career. The past year has been extremely hard for me I had way over developed muscles and I was not stretched enough, but I am start

Tips for Toes

Every dancer knows that their toes put in a lot of time and effort to dance. The result? Tired, aching toes. Here are some tips that will keep your toes in tip top shape. At least once a week give your toes a little special attention, whether it be a soak in warm water or a mini massage. Cut your toenails! Be sure not to cut them too short, nor round the nail, for this can result in very painful ingrown toenails. Instead just cut them straight across. Blisters are common among dancers. These blisters occur when an area of your foot rubs against your ballet or pointe shoes. If the blisther didn’t pop yet, do not pop it! Wait for it to pop on its own. Also leave the skin on, even if it is hang

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